Waterjet Cutting Service
We are now offering custom CNC Waterjet cutting services! From one offs to full production runs on almost any material conceivable (assuming it exists, and we can get our hands on it)! Send us your CAD drawings to be cut, or let us draw them for you, either way, in the end you get what you want. Utilizing dual Omax Waterjet machine centers the largest being about to handle a 60″ x 144″ long sheet of material, we have cut up to 4″ thick steel, and 5″ thick aluminum; skies are the limits!

Your designs are your property, and will stay your property, we will not share your info or designs with anyone to ensure your propriety property will stay yours!

Please contact us using the contact page to initiate a quote process. We can import most CAD drawings, but DXF and DWG are preferred.