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-$25 off Camaro LFX intake spacers
-$25 off “Send your own” and Outright purchase of the Camaro LFX ported intake. (You can add the intake and Spacer separately to get both deals)
-$50 off Camaro LFX ported intake and spacer combo! (“Core return” combo only)

Normal retail prices are shown on the website, however the adjusted prices will be reflected on the shopping cart screen at checkout.

Most items are in stock, and those that aren’t are currently being built. Inventory restrictions have been lifted for the sale to ensure everyone gets what they want ordered (rather than being told the “item is sold out”).

We will be closed 11-26 through 11-30, shipping will resume on 12-1 in the order the orders were received. Customers that may have ordered an item that is currently sold out, or currently being built will be notified, and given an appx time to ship.

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-JacFab Staff

About JacFab

Welcome to the new and improved JacFab website! We offer a variety of products and services such as:

-“No Drill” front license plate brackets for the 2010+ Camaro

-Wiseco forged pistons

-Kibble White valve-train accessories

-Misc. fabricated goods

What is JacFab? JacFab stands for Jason Andrest Custom Fabrication. JacFab was established in 2007 to offer local residents our fabrication and design services, then expanded our services worldwide with the launch of our original website in 2009. We strive to offer you quality products and services at fair prices. Always trying to make something better or faster, but not afraid to think outside the box.

All JacFab products are proudly made in the USA!

Recent News
    Flat Style bracket now available for 14+ v6/v8
  • The flat style front license plate mount is now being made, and available in small quantities for the 2014-2015 v6/v8 Camaro. Orders for this new option will start shipping on 10/10.

  • FAQ page added to site
  • To try and curb in influx of emails and phone calls asking some general questions we frequently receive, we have added a Frequently Asked Questions page. Please feel free to take a look the FAQ page to see the most frequently asked questions before contacting us. You can find it under the info tab.

  • Black Friday Sale Ends
  • The annual Black Friday sale has come to an end, and things are back as they were. We let the sale run an additional 8 hours longer than planned; Those that took advantage, kudos to you! Those that missed out? Well check back for more sales.

  • 2014 Camaro brackets start shipping tomorrow!
  • The first batch of no drill front license plate brackets is done and will start shipping tomorrow! Unlike the 2010-2013 Camaros with their front bumper covers being so different warranting the need for two separate parts, the new 2014 bumper cover allows for the use of the same bracket for both the v6 cars, and the v8 cars! A 2014 1LE prototype bracket ships out next week for a test fitting, those waiting for that, keep your eyes peeled!

  • 2014 Camaro plate brackets going into production!
  • After a successful test fitting of the 2014 No Drill / No Adhesive license plate bracket prototype on BOTH a 2014 LS/LT v6, and SS v8 we are pleased to announce that the new 2014 Camaro license plate brackets will be going into production this week and they will be ready to start shipping late next week! The 2014 Camaro ZL1 front end remains unchanged from last year so the same bracket we offer for the 2012-13 ZL1 will work fine. We are still working on a bracket to fit the 2014 1LE front splitter.