To the right is some of the feedback that our customers had to say about our products. We strive to offer you quality products, and customer service is our number ONE priority! If you have had a great experience with us, please feel free to let us know and we will add it to our testimonials page. Not so happy? Again, please let us know so we can correct whatever issue you may be having.

Dan L; No drill bracket
“Received bracket on Thursday, nicely packaged and in tact. This is a quality sturdy fabricated bracket with a perfect fit; I have the bent style for my 2010. For any Camaro owners out there searching for the right plate holder this is the way to go. Two bolts on and your done, you can easily store in trunk when you want it off. Thank you very much for your product and customer service.

Dan L
Vancouver, BC. Canada”

Ryan; No drill bracket
“The bracket is very high quality and durable. Installation takes only a couple of minutes initially, then if you want to remove it for shows, it comes on and off very quickly. Best of all, NO DRILLING AND NO HOLES in the front of the bumper!!!”

Stan S; Tunnel Brace
This is well built, a REAL piece of steel, I can definitely tell the difference between your tunnel brace and the GM one. Thanks!

Tim J; No Drill Bracket
Just a note to say I installed the plate bracket this past weekend and it installed beautifully. Looks great with our custom plates. I was impressed with the precise fit and quality of the bracket. Hope you can get it patented to keep GM out of your pocket!
Thanks again.
Tim J.
John G; No Drill Bracket
Just to let you know I purchased a brkt from you and it is all and more then what you promised. Great job on your product…..Thanks again…John (2012 Camaro)