DIY “Add a sub” LOC input harness

Those that have wanted to add a sub to the factory stereo system that don’t have the factory Boston Acoustic system don’t have many options to install the sub. If you’re lucky enough to have the BA system in your car, you can buy an off the shelf harness for this which requires no cutting or splicing of your wires. Unfortunately the JacFab shop car does not have the BA system, so we had to use a line out converter (LOC) to add a sub/amp to the car. I did not want to cut, or splice ANYTHING, so I did a little research, and made my own harness…

I was not able to find a source for the actual Chevy rear speaker plugs (male or female), but here’s what I ended up using:

Female: Crutchfield p/n: 12071048 $12.99
The Crutchfield site actually said that these would fit for the Camaro w/o the BA system, but I did have to modify them slightly. (GRIND CORNERS FLAT)

Male: Motorcraft (Ford) p/n WPT-966, these are about $15.00 each, but I found a set on ebay for $4.95. (CUT NOTCH ONE SIDE)

It’s a pretty easy process, pics below should give you the idea of how to make the harness, and the modifications necessary to the plugs.