LFX Ported intake manifold
Several intake manifolds were sacrificed to figure out what the LFX engine wants. All were flow bench tested, road tested, and the best of the best was dyno tested and shows major gains in top end power, we are proud to being this product to the market.

Due to limited availability of intakes, it is a good idea to contact us first to check on availability.

Key benefits include:

•Up to a 20% airflow increase as tested through the intake manifold only on a Super Flow flow bench.
•More air flow, less turbulence, increased port velocity = MORE POWER!
•Real power and torque gains similar to those claimed by high end CAI manufacturers.
•Made in the USA

The ported intake manifold works very well with our Extendolator intake spacer, check out the dyno sheet to the left.
Blue line is bone stock, 2014 1lt automatic
Red line is stock intake, with the Extendolator intake spacer only
Maroon line is the ported intake manifold, with the spacer.

We do offer a package deal on the spacer and the ported intake if purchased together, Please contact prior to ordering for special pricing

All ported intakes comes with a complete new GM intake gasket set, and FREE SHIPPING INSIDE THE LOWER 48. Please contact first if you are outside of the lower 48, or are ordering internationally.

The ported intake manifold is confirmed to fit following vehicles:

•2012-2015 Chevy Camaro w/ 3.6L v6 LFX engine

•Some Cadillac ATS w/ 3.6L v6 LFX engine

•Some Cadillac CTS w/ 3.6L v6 LFX engine



Please contact us first prior to placing your order if you are located outside of the continental United States.

Please read everything below the “add to cart” button before ordering. If you have any questions please ask ahead of time. Thank you!

Due to different throttle body options, intakes are ported as they are ordered. Please allow a minimum of 3-4 days for your order to ship, UP TO 2 weeks prior to shipping depending on the amount of intakes currently on order. Orders are done/processed in the order they are received.

Choose your option…

The 72mm throttle body option is correct for both stock and VMAX ported throttle bodies, if you have an Overkill 80mm throttle body or will be buying one at the same time as the intake manifold, choose the 80mm option… It is HIGHLY recommended that you choose the intake port job that MATCHES the throttle body you plan on using for maximum performance. NOTE: I do NOT supply throttle bodies with the intake. The Overkill 80mm throttle body kit is available exclusively through Overkill Motorsport

All of the Dyno testing information was done on a stock 2014 1LT automatic Camaro, stock tune, stock 72mm throttle body. I do not have before/after dyno chart info for the ported intake with an 80mm throttle body. The 80mm throttle body is not a JacFab product, therefore it is not a priority to test it for us. The 80mm option is offered as a convenience to our customers that may have, or plan on getting the Overkill 80mm throttle body.

You are purchasing a ported intake manifold outright! There is no core exchange, or core return needed. All intakes are brand new from GM!

You can choose to send your own intake manifold in for modification to save yourself some money, contact us first before sending your own intake in so we know it’s coming and so we can send you a payment invoice to include the savings. If you supply your own intake, subtract $200 off the prices above. If you send in your own intake, once received, turn around time to get it done and back into the mail is 3-4 days. Free return shipping included when you ship your own intake in. You will need to contact us for special pricing if you plan to send your own intake in.