Extendolator Intake Spacer
Over the past year and a half we have been testing and tweaking the design of the LFX Extendolator intake manifold spacer. After several rounds of dyno testing, design changes, and trying different thicknesses, we are proud to being this product to the open market.

Key benefits include:

•Up to a 7-10% increase in low-mid range torque, and a 4-6% gain in low-mid range HP.
•Cooler intake air temps can be realized by lifting the intake off of the hot engine.
•More low end power/torue means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to get the car moving, which could potentially result in increased MPG.
•Reusable. No need to deal with messy RTV sealant, our spacers are CNC machined to accept OEM GM o-ring gaskets, which are included with each spacer. Goes on easy, comes off easy with no mess to clean up later.
•Made in the USA


•Q: How does it work?

•A: The power band of an engine can be directly effected by changing the length of the runners in the intake manifold. By lengthening the runners, more bottom end, and mid range torque and power can be realized. In this case, adding the 3/4″ thick Extendolator Spacer shows a NICE gain of up to 7-10% in torque upto 5,000 RPMS, and a 4-6% gain in low end power.

•Q: Is it available in different thicknesses? Why 3/4″?

•A: Currently, there are no plans to make the spacer in any other thicknesses, although upon special request we can probably make one for you in the thickness of your choice. Some pretty extensive testing has taken place over the last year playing with different thicknesses and the 3/4″ was determined to show the greatest low to mid range power gains with little to no sacrifice in top end power.

All spacers include new proper length intake manifold bolts, longer hardware to attach the lower intake manifold portion to the upper w/ the spacer, new GM o-ring gaskets, and FREE SHIPPING INSIDE THE LOWER 48.

The Extendolator Intake spacer is confirmed to fit following vehicles:

•2012-2015 Chevy Camaro w/ 3.6L v6 LFX engine

May fit other vehicles with some slight modification; may not be able to retain the engine beauty cover on other vehicles. ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT for 12-13 Impala.

Installation instructions:
Extendolator intake spacer install instructions


Please contact us first prior to placing your order if you are located outside of the continental United States.

Extendolator LFX Intake Manifold Spacer: