Boost-o-lator Valve
Over the past year we have been testing and tweaking the design of the JacFab Boost-o-Lator high performance recirculation valve replacement for the 2.0 LTG engine, while we are not completely finished with the products yet, we HAVE finalized what we’re calling the “tune version” of the valve and it is currently available, the “Stock tune version” of the valve to come at a later date

Key benefits include:

•Faster Spool, and higher boost sooner.
•Holds more boost longer.
•Increased throttle response.
•WE have experienced appx. a 10% increase in gas mileage on our daily commute, your results may vary.
•Proudly made in the USA!


•Q: How does it work?

•A: The stock bypass valve has a pretty severe leak, causing slower spooling, and overall loss of top end boost. By completely eliminating the leak you are able to capture all that performance
available that would normally be lost in the black hole, known as the recirculation vortex.

•Q: Why is there a tune version, and a no tune version?

•A: For people that have the ability to tune, maximum performance can be realized with the tune version as it is built to me as leak free as possible. Where as the tune version can occasionally set a check engine light on a stock tune, people that have the ability to tune can tune around the check engine light to make it stay off, or simply disable the P2261 check engine light all together. The “Stock Tune Version” will be slightly different as we will have to build in a small leak calibrated to keep the ecm happy on the factory tune to keep the check engine light off.

All Boost-o-lator high performance bypass valve ship with appropriate, longer, stainless steel hardware, and come assembled, ready to install, with FREE SHIPPING INSIDE THE LOWER 48! Please contact us first for a shipping quote if you live outside the continental US.


The “Tune version” of the boost-o-lator may cause your car to occasionally throw a P2261 check engine light. How often depends completely upon how the car is driven. In our 2016 2.0t Camaro shop car, we typically see the check engine light once every 3-6 weeks. The car still functions as it should, and the check engine light can easily be cleared with any OBD-ii code clearing device, or tuning cable/software such as HP Tuners, or EFI Live. If you have access to HPT or EFI Live hardware/software, you can easily disable this check engine light in the tune so that it doesn’t come back. The check engine light is thrown because the ECM is seeing higher boost levels than what it things it should be seeing, typically in the low end or mid range rpm operation, but is generally within stock tune tolerance on the top end.

The Boost-o-lator is confirmed to fit following vehicles:

•2016-19 Chevy Camaro w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

•2013-19 Chevy Malibu w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

•2018-19 Chevy Equinox w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

•2018-19 Chevy Traverse w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

•2018-19 GMC Terrain w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

•2014-19 Buick Regal w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

•2016-19 Buick Envision w/ 2.0 i4 LTG engine

•2013-19 Cadillac ATS w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

•2014-19 Cadillac CTS w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

•2016-18 Cadillac CT6 w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

•2013-19 Opel Insignia w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

•2018-19 Holden Commodore w/ 2.0L i4 LTG engine

May fit other vehicles with gm 2.0 i4 turbo engine, we are still compiling the ever growing list.

If you are looking for the 2016 Chevy Cruze part, please Click here to be redirected to BNR.

Installation instructions:
Video install instructions (opens youtube video in new window/tab)


Please contact us first prior to placing your order if you are located outside of the continental United States.

Boost-o-lator “Tune Version”:


*Actual product appearance may vary slightly from images above.